Regional Offices

The International Science Council has three Regional Offices—Africa (established in 2005), Asia and the Pacific (2006), and Latin America and the Caribbean (2007).

Under the guidance of regional scientific committees, the offices promote the further development and strengthening of science in the context of regional priorities, and bring the science of developing countries closer to the ISC. The offices also work to ensure that scientists from the region become involved in ISC activities, especially those related to the priority areas of the region.

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The Regional Office for Africa (sub-Sahara) was established in September 2005 and is hosted by the South African National Research Foundation in Pretoria.

The priority areas for Africa include

  • sustainable energy
  • natural and human-induced hazards and disasters
  • health and human wellbeing
  • global environmental change (including climate change and adaptation)

The office currently has four staff:

Asia and the Pacific

The Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific was inaugurated in September 2006 and is hosted by the Malaysian Academy of Sciences in Kuala Lumpur.

The priority areas for Asia and the Pacific include

  • Public discourse of science
  • Responsible conduct of research
  • Open science
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Urbanisation
  • Climate change
  • Transdisciplinary domain studies

The office currently has six staff:

Latin America and the Caribbean

The Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean has been closed. Please read the announcement by Heide Hackmann, CEO of the International Science Council, for more information on the closure.

Initially, the office was inaugurated in 2007 and hosted by the Brazilian Academy of Science in Rio de Janeiro. In November 2010 it relocated to the Mexican Academy of Sciences in Mexico City. It moved again in August 2016 to San Salvador, El Salvador, before closing.

The ISC is consulting regional scientific communities to ensure they are fully engaged in developing and delivering global scientific strategy and action moving forward. Learn more by reading the Council’s Action Plan.

We sincerely thank the former ROLAC team, Manuel Limonta, Oscar Reyes, Claudia Marroquín, Gerardo Aldana and Bertila Gonzalez, for their commitment to advancing science as a global public good in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

For more information regarding the regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean, please contact our Membership Liaison Officer Anne Thieme.