Finances for the period: Statement of Combined Income and Expenditure of the International Science Council (ISC) from 1 January to 31 December 2020.



Membership Dues
Category 2 members2,837,778
Category 1 members201,030
Category 3 members17,680
Contribution from French Government100,000
NSF dedicated funds at the end of previous year206,430
Taipei grant for IRDR ICoE294,898
Taipei IRDR dedicated funds at the end of previous year402,139
IDRC grant for INGSA 2020-2022201,995
Sida grant for LIRA 20301,019,654
Sida dedicated funds for LIRA 2030 at the end of previous year24,172
Sida grant for Transformations to Sustainability (T2S)641,666
Sida dedicated funds for T2S at the end of previous year223,371
UNDP contribution for Rethinking Human Development project42,515
New Zealand Government contribution for CFRS68,410
Total Income6,296,411


Governance meetings94,067
ISC led or co-led projects and initiatives94,371
ISC funding programmes  (supported by Sida) 481,122
ISC partnered initiatives100,000
ISC co-sponsored international research programmes and affiliated bodies156,017
Other scientific activities10,000
New activity development48,000
Dedicated funds at the end of previous year2,030,631
Communications  47,750
Human Resources2,657,472
ISC Regional Structures177,152
Finance and Office Support367,339
Total Expenditure6,263,920

Excess of income over expenditure32,491

Balance sheet

Assets (Euros)
Fixed assets                             37,008
Current assets                        6,499,031
Total assets                        6,536,039

Liabilities (Euros) 
NSF,SIDA, Taipei IRDR & IDRC funds allocated                        2,039,041
Current liabilities                           998,977 
Total liabilities                        3,038,018 

Reserves (Euros)
Total reserves                        3,465,531

Net Result                             32,491

Image: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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