Global Forum of Funders

Following the 2019 launch of the ‘Decade of Global Sustainability Science Action’ at the inaugural Global Forum of Funders, in 2020 the ISC released a global call to mobilize scientists in all fields and all disciplines to identify priorities for game-changing action in two related domains: science for sustainability transformations and transformations of science systems.

Global Forum of Funders

The aim was to convene the insights and ideas of the broader global scientific community on the critical priorities for science that will support and enable societies to accomplish the SDGs by 2030. The call received 239 complete responses from 61 countries across different continents. This input served as the basis for the development of A Framework to Unleash Mission-Oriented Science, which was presented at the Second Global Forum of Funders in 2021.

In June 2020 the ISC organized a webinar on The role of science and science funders in the time of the COVID-19 crisis to share knowledge about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on science funding, to foster collaborative action, to discuss the potential longer-term implications of the pandemic for global science systems, andto explore ways of enabling science to respond more effectively to future similar threats.

Under the framework of the Global Forum of Funders, the ISC also published four blogs on the role of mission-oriented science for sustainable development, featuring perspectives from Japan, Sweden and the European Commission.

Image: SpaceX via Unsplash.

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