Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP)

GRIP is a radically interdisciplinary research programme that views inequality as a fundamental challenge to human wellbeing, and works to foster co-designed processes of knowledge creation to understand and address the multiple dimensions of rising inequalities.

The programme was founded in late 2019, and had planned a year of research activities for 2020 – many of which involved in-person meetings and conferences. When the pandemic was declared in March 2020, GRIP had to shift gears. In addition to disrupting planned activities, the pandemic prompted deep reflection on how to approach inequality as a connected, global and multidimensional phenomenon.

Despite the challenging circumstances, GRIP mobilized and initiated new activities at the same time as consolidating its institutional and organizational structures. Outputs such as the COVID-19 Miniseries and series of interviews on Inequality in the (Post-) Pandemic City helped to build the GRIP network and reach new audiences.

Find out more about GRIP in their 2020 Annual Report.

Image: Lauren Parnell Marino via Flickr.

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