Rethinking Economics in the Light of COVID and Future Crises

During this pandemic year, the Council held a number of online events that expanded the reach of ISC Members’ scientific endeavours by inviting a global audience to webinars that brought together academics, practitioners, civil society thought leaders and students.

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Moderated by Craig Calhoun, Rethinking Economics fostered discussion on today’s global challenges with presentations from leading economic thinkers Sam Bowles and Wendy Carlin, and responses from Danielle Allen, Luc Soete and Jayati Ghosh.

Its success led to the ISC adopting a similar approach for a future webinar series that provides engagement with scholars and contemporary thinkers on topics related to the scientific priorities of ISC Members.

‘This was an excellent webinar. It offered a novel and theoretically grounded discussion on much needed new directions for rethinking economics. Panelists and discussants also offered a reflection on how new approaches to economics can help tackle the consequences of the current crisis. I would recommend it to academics and students across all social science disciplines.’

Maria Savona, Professor of Innovation and Evolutionary Economics at SPRU, University of Sussex, UK; and Professor of Applied Economics at the Department of Economics and Finance, Luiss University, Rome, Italy.

‘This is one of the best webinars I have listened to this year. It was a great experience listening to Prof. Samuel Bowles and Prof Wendy Carlin present their perspectives about how the COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate acceptance of a new paradigm in economics. I would highly recommend it to students studying economics.’

Zachary Gitonga, Postdoc research fellow at Research Unit on Economics of Excisable Products (REEP), School of Economics, South Africa.

Image: John Cameron.

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