Financial Reporting

An independent audit of the ISC’s finances in 2021 pointed to a healthy financial outlook, as well as the Council’s excellent conformity with French legal standards for financial reporting.

Financial Reporting

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in lower than expected expenditure on governance functions in 2021, as statutory meetings and meetings of project steering groups moved online, and communications expenses were also lower than expected. The continuation of the pandemic continues to create uncertainty for the ISC and for many of its members, and a fundraising strategy is being developed to provide additional support for the ISC’s future activities in the coming years. 

Assets and liabilities

Balance sheet

International Science Council (ISC) for the period 1 January to 31 December 2021

Bank & cash balances3,732,262
Marketable securities2,446,074
Other assets59,409
Fixed assets60,710
Total assets6,298,455

External funds allocated1,801,020
Sundry creditors & accruals742,670 
Total liabilities2,748,226

Mandatory reserve1,500,000
General fund/Retained earnings 1,998,021
Total reserves3,498,021 

Net result52,208

Statement of income and expenditure

International Science Council (ISC) for the period 1 January to 31 December 2021.

Membership dues2,953,450
Earmarked funds2,711,906
Other income43,714
ISC Sustainable Investment Portfolio 122,423
Total income5,831,493

Science activities1,078,510
Dedicated funds to support the ISC activities
(carry over from 2021 to be used in 2022)
Communications: Corporate communications, Branding, Publications, Outreach activities…66,402
Total expenditure 5,779,285

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