Freedom and responsibility in science

The work of the ISC Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science (CFRS), and of its portfolio of projects, shares as a central aim advocacy for the recognition of freedom and responsibility of science.

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In partnership with scientists and researchers internationally, the Committee seeks new ways to navigate science in a troubled world.

In this section:

Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science case report

The Committee’s activities to respond to individual cases and global issues during 2021.

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A contemporary perspective on the free and responsible practice of science in the 21st century

The Committee’s flagship project came to fruition in 2021 with the launch of this commissioned paper.

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Science in Exile

The ISC worked together with The World Academy of Sciences and the InterAcademy Partnership to launch Science in Exile in 2021.

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Podcast series: Science diversified

As part of the ISC’s work to promote equal access to science and to combat discrimination, the ISC worked with Nature’s ‘Working Scientist’ podcast to launch a series of six podcasts on the theme of diversity in science.

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Gender equality in science: Inclusion and participation of women in global science organizations 

The findings of the collaboration between the ISC, GenderInSITE (Gender in Science, Innovation, Technology and Engineering) and the InterAcademy Partnership were published.

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Image by Maxim Hopman / Unsplash.


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