Operations and finance 

2021 Finances and updates on the ISC’s Patrons and regional presence.

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In its first three years of operation, the ISC Governing Board and Secretariat worked towards operationalizing the ISC’s ambitious new vision and mission through a strengthened regional presence, the appointment of ISC Patrons and the establishment of a solid financial footing for the Council. 

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The new Regional Presence is hosted in Bogota, Colombia

Regional transition

The vision for a continued regional presence for the ISC is one of a single, global ISC Secretariat, with headquarters (HQ) in Paris and regional structures located in different parts of the world that are directly accountable to the HQ.

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ISC Patrons

The ISC’s Patrons Mary Robinson, Ismail Serageldin and Vint Cerf continued to support the Council throughout 2021.

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Financial reporting

Balance sheet and statement of income and expediture for the ISC for the period 1 January to 31 December 2021.

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ISC Members

Access the list of ISC Members.

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2021 publications

A large number of Reports, Discussion Papers and other documents were published in 2021.

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