Podcast series: Science diversified

In recent years, instances of gender and racial discrimination have hit the headlines worldwide, including within science systems. The persistent barriers to equal participation in science cannot be ignored.

As part of the ISC’s work to promote equal access to science and to combat discrimination, the ISC worked with Nature’s ‘Working Scientist’ podcast to launch a series of six podcasts on the theme of diversity in science in early 2021.

Featuring voices from ISC Members and from funded programmes of the ISC and affiliated bodies, the podcast series started from fundamental questions of why diversity makes for better science, and went on to explore how to integrate diverse voices and different perspectives in research. Over a period of six weeks, the series featured conversations that were inspirational, challenging and disquieting in equal measure, but always thought-provoking.

Speakers shared their science, and their experiences of effective action to promote inclusion of less well represented and marginalized groups, including women, people of colour, LGBTQI people, people with disabilities, and people who take a non-traditional route into science. The aim was to provide inspiration and practical ideas for how to improve diversity in science workplaces, so that organizations like the ISC can be ‘better allies for better science’.

The six-part series was launched on 10 February 2021, and has been listened to over 20,000 times since.

Transcripts and videos:

Episode 1: Why does diversity in science matter? Video | Transcript

Episode 2: How can diversity create better science? Video | Transcript

Episode 3: Better science, better alliesVideo | Transcript

Episode 4: Gender, sexuality and representationVideo | Transcript

Episode 5: Democratizing knowledge and access to tools for sustainable developmentVideo | Transcript

Episode 6: Combating racism in science systemsVideo | Transcript

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