Changing Practices in Science and Science Systems 

The events of 2021 will shape science and science systems for years to come.

What will the libraries of the future look like

The open science movement, which has been building in recent years, reached a milestone in 2021 with the adoption of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science. At the same time, as responses to the COVID-19 pandemic evolved, 2021 was a moment to reflect on how different scientific disciplines – and the scientific community as a whole – had responded to COVID-19, and how the pandemic would shape topics of study and methods of working for the long term.

Open science

The ISC was an active contributor to discussions on the development of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science.

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Future of scientific publishing

The future of scientific publishing project moved into a second phase of advocacy and action in 2021.

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COVID-19 and the social sciences: webinar series

The ISC partnered with ISC disciplinary members to convene a series of webinars on the contribution of different social science disciplines to understanding and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Next: Open Science

Image by Michael Shannon / Unsplash. The Royal Danish Library. In 2021 the ISC released a series of videos by ISC Patron Ismail Serageldin on scientific publishing – and on libraries – in the past, present and future. The videos were inspired by the Council’s work on the future of scientific publishing.


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