Science in and for the intergovernmental system

Recommendations to the ISC on its strategy in the intergovernmental system.

Science in and for the intergovernmental system

In March 2021 an international steering group was appointed to propose a strategy for the ISC to increase its visibility and impact in the intergovernmental system and strengthen the voice of science in global policy processes.

Their resulting report sets out 13 ambitious recommendations for the ISC to play a major role in providing scientific inputs and advice to the intergovernmental system, organized around four pillars: (a) enhance the capacity within the scientific community to work at the science–policy interface; (b) connect the national, regional and global levels of governance; (c) strengthen relationships in the intergovernmental system; and (d) champion science as a global public good.

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ISC strategy in the intergovernmental system

DOI: 10.24849/2021.11

The report was endorsed by ISC Members through a General Assembly resolution recognizing the urgency for science to have greater influence on policy, the importance of developing an action-oriented strategy for the Council on the basis of the steering group’s recommendations, and the offer made by the ISC to support the re-establishment of the UN Secretary-General Scientific Advisory Board.

These aims will be supported by the projects included in the ISC’s 2022–2024 Action Plan, which has a strong focus on evidence-based decision-making and strengthening the science–policy–society interface.

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