Science in Exile

The ISC worked together with The World Academy of Sciences and the InterAcademy Partnership to launch Science in Exile in 2021.

Science in Exile

The programme brings together refugee, displaced and at-risk scientists and existing organizations that provide assistance to affected scientists. The aim is to exchange ideas and best practices, to identify gaps in building practical support programmes across different world regions, and to raise awareness of the issues facing displaced scientists among governments, international agencies and the broader scientific community.

ISC-led contributions to the project include a joint ISC-InterAcademy Partnership statement urging ‘Action for Afghan scientists and Scholars’, a webinar, Return of scientific personnel and reconstruction of infrastructure (October 2021), the development and facilitation of a panel as part of the Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2021 on Scientists in Exile – A meta-view of the impact of ongoing uncertainty and risks for scientists and the production of science (Forum), and a six-part podcast series on the theme of ‘Science in Exile’. The podcasts feature interviews with refugee and displaced scientists who share their science, their stories of displacement and their hopes for the future.

The quality of the ISC ‘Science in Exile’ podcast series was recognized by the UN Refugee Agency, which included the podcast as part of the virtual showcase for their December 2021 High-Level Officials’ Meeting for the Global Compact on Refugees.

The Science in Exile Declaration was launched in April 2022.

Read and sign the Declaration

Supporting at-risk, displaced and refugee scientists: A call to action

Organizations wishing to add their support and endorse the Declaration can do so at the link above.

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