Transform 21

As the eyes of the world looked towards Glasgow and the UN Climate Change Conference COP26, the ISC launched the Transform 21 portal in partnership with the incoming UK presidency of COP26.

Transform 21

The platform aimed to leverage the ISC’s convening power with the global scientific community and the UK COP26 presidency’s access to policy-makers in order to ensure that the latest scientific evidence relevant to negotiations was made available in an easy-to-access, centralized information hub.

‘Scientific collaboration is essential to understanding how our climate is changing and finding solutions that help us mitigate and adapt to this change. The ISC portal provides an important space for sharing knowledge on the collaborative science going on around the world.’

Sir Patrick Vallance, UK Chief Scientific Adviser, Head of the UK Government Science and Engineering Profession

The ISC community of affiliated bodies and members responded actively to the opportunity to share information, posting over 60 different publications as well events and original blogs to the platform.

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Image by Dun Deagh/Flickr.

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