EuroScience Open Forum

In July 2022, the ISC partnered with ESOF, Europe’s largest biennial meeting providing a platform to the scientific community for interdisciplinary and intersectional debate on scientific culture, scientific research and innovation – for and with society.

The Council and its partners participated in several events at the forum, including the ‘Rolling the dice or planning ahead with confidence?’ panel where the ISC introduced its flagship COVID-19 report, ‘Unprecedented and Unfinished’, and the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA)/EuroScience joint high-level panel ‘Giving and taking scientific advice: mind the gap’, featuring newly appointed ISC Patron, Irina Bokova.

The forum was one of the first opportunities the Council had to re-engage with Members in person since the COVID-19 pandemic started. A VIP lunch event was one of the highlights of the forum, bringing together the ISC’s Members and broader community, providing a chance to officially welcome Ms Bokova into the ISC family.


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