Future of Scientific Publishing

Highlights from two initiatives ‘Unlocking Science’ multimedia hub and ‘Talk Back Better’ webinar series

Future of Scientific Publishing

During 2022 the project transitioned from analysis to action, necessitating a comprehensive overview. 

Through the scientific publication process in the modern era, a network that transmits ideas, information, and new opportunities through its nodes has given rise to knowledge-driven societies. Digital technologies have now transformed global scientific communication, paving the way for a new era of open science. Recognizing the critical role of this communication network, the Future of Publishing Steering Group’s goal at the inception of this project was to assess the efficacy of contemporary scientific publishing. On the back of the Steering Group’s first report, “Opening the Record of Science (2021),” the Steering Group outlined eight essential principles that scientific publications should uphold to support the needs of modern science and meet the challenges in the current system. These challenges were most striking in information flow to and from its nodes low- and middle-income countries due to the cost-prohibitive nature of such publishing systems. Subsequent analyses by the ISC then focused on business models and market structure and research integrity

Building on its research, the Steering Group then explored the potential of preprints to improve publication systems and functionality, releasing its report, The Normalization of Preprints, in March 2022. Throughout the year, the ISC actively consulted with the scientific community, organizing meetings and presentations across various regions and producing a monthly Open Science Roundup, with news of developments and blogs by those engaged in the issue. 

With the many challenges also came success, including the US government mandating copyright retention for federally funded research

🗓️ 2023 Update: The ISC Governing Board is in the process of adopting a new position paper outlining priorities and actions for scientific publishing, seeking endorsement from Members. The ISC membership previously endorsed the eight principles of scientific publication, and they will soon be asked to support an action plan aimed at implementing these principles through collaborative efforts. 

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