The ISC Fellowship

In 2022, the ISC launched its new fellowship programme. Envisaged as a pillar of the Council’s structure and capacity, the ISC Fellowship will help advance the ISC mission to promote and use science for the global public good, so that science can benefit everyone.

The ISC Fellowship represents the highest honour that can be conferred on an individual by the Council. Over the course of the year, 123 ISC Fellows from diverse geographies, disciplines and career stages were appointed, following nominations by ISC Members and Governing Board. Additionally, the three inaugural and outgoing ISC Patrons were awarded Honorary Fellowships for their exemplary service to the ISC. Fellows include eminent scientists, engineers and thought leaders from the science–policy sphere who have made significant contributions to furthering the understanding, use and engagement of science in public policy.

‘Being an ISC Fellow is a wonderful opportunity to participate in connecting the science and policy communities worldwide, but also regionally and locally. I’m looking forward to developing the Fellowship.’

Connie Nshemereirwe, Uganda

Under the leadership of the Council, the ISC Fellowship will be expanded through annual nominations engaging ISC Members and partners, with the aim of increasing it to around 600 active and diverse ISC Fellows by 2025. These individuals will help plug important skills gaps by acting as experts or advisers for ISC projects, programmes and collaborations, and as ambassadors and advocates for the ISC’s work, connecting the Council with influential actors. As the programme develops, there will be opportunities for increased engagement, including participating in flagship programmes, supporting ISC regional focal points in their development, and representing science and the scientific community at regional and global levels.

‘I am very much looking forward to working with Council members and ISC colleagues to develop this exciting initiative, as a vital arm to the ISC’s mission of bringing science to society. Together, we will develop a unique identity, culture and set of values that will help the ISC, and global science more generally, to be more inclusive, representative and impactful.’

Terrence Forrester, Chair of the Fellowship Council


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