ISC presence in New York formally established

A senior special advisor, Anthony Rock, was appointed to represent the ISC within multilateral institutions based in New York. This presence will provide strategic advice and support in implementing an organization-wide effort to further strengthen the profile of the ISC within the UN system and its member states as the go-to organization for scientific input and advice.

56th Session of the IPCC
March 2022

ISC Output: A ‘Briefing Note on Systemic Risk set out opportunities for research, policy and practice from the perspective of climate, environmental and disaster risk science and management, and four further briefs considered different aspects of risk management.

Live launch at the Palais des Nations, UN Headquarters in Geneva +
The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF)
May 2022

ISC Output: Unprecedented and Unfinished: COVID-19 and Implications for National and Global Policy informed policy-makers about the wide-ranging, long-term impacts of COVID-19, with the aim of shifting the evolution of the pandemic towards more positive and equitable outcomes. 

2022 Global Platform for
Disaster Risk Reduction
(GP2022) in Bali, Indonesia
May  2022

ISC Outputs:

  1. Using UNDRR/ISC Hazard Information Profiles to manage risk and implement the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction showcased examples of how the hazard definitions published in the UNDRR/ISC Hazard Information Profiles are being used to support DRR at global and national levels.
  2. Closing the gap between science and practice at local levels to accelerate disaster risk reduction analyzed the existing gap between science and technology (S&T) and its incorporation into disaster risk management at local levels.
  3. Harnessing data to accelerate
    the transition from disaster response to recovery
    exhibited how using different domain data could enhance management to deal with the emergency response process and enable a swift transition from the response to the recovery phase.

Convention on Biological Diversity
December  2022

ISC Output:Ten key messages for the Convention on Biological Diversitycalled for The Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) to encompass ambitious and integrated action, grounded in science, in order to halt alarming biodiversity loss and restore biodiversity as part of human wellbeing,ahead of COP15.

2022 High-level Political Forum (HLPF)
June  2022

ISC Output: Position paper of the Scientific and Technological Community Major Group for the 2022 High-level Political Forum brought together the latest scientific evidence and thinking from the scientific, engineering and technological community. It highlighted policy domains to be prioritized to advance progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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