Early-career researchers’ insights on climate

This blog launches the collective blog series, "Amplifying the Voices of Young Scientists", based on interviews with Early and Mid-Career Researchers across various disciplines hailing from around the world.

In 2023, the International Science Council set a goal to amplify the voices of Early and Mid-Career Researchers (ECMR) in global science. This goal was realized through our Young Academies and Associations membership campaign, as well as through advocacy for the inclusion of ECMRs during high-level international fora, particularly in climate-related events.

During the WCRP Open Science Conference and the COP28, the International Science Council highlighted the perspectives of Early and Mid-Career Researchers from diverse corners of the world and various disciplines in climate sciences. This initiative aimed to amplify the voices of young researchers and their perspectives on climate action through a series of portraits.

This blog series is created based on interviews of experts on meteorology, climatology, social science, and sustainability science. The interviewees cover most continents, with researchers hailing from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the Carribbean.

On climate justice

Global solidarity for climate justice: perspectives from an early-career researcher

 In this article, Dr. Leandro Diaz, a climatologist from Argentina, shares his perspective on global solidarity for climate justice.

On climate resilience

“Beyond weathering the storm”: rethinking climate resilience

 In this article, Dr. Temitope Egbebiyi, a meteorologist focused on impact modeling, discusses how he sees science moving global collaboration on climate change forward.

From monsoon joy to fear: a climate crisis awakening

 In this article, Dr. Shipra Jain, a physicist and climatologist from India, bares her heart on climate change and its impacts on society.

On indigenous knowledge

palm trees on sandy beach with blue skies - carribean storm hurricane

The human dimension of disaster risk reduction: social sciences and climate adaptation 

In this article, Dr. Roché Mahon, a social scientist specialized on climate, highlights how social sciences can effectively improve climate adaptation and ultimately save lives.

Join the ISC’s as a Young Academy or Association

At a time when scientific advancements happen in a dynamic and fast-changing world, and science is needed more than ever to find solutions to multiple global challenges, the ISC is offering free Affiliate Membership to eligible young scientific groups.

Nearly twenty young academies and associations have joined the ISC and are already sharing in its benefits, such as attending the Global Knowledge Dialogue in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the dialogue on exploring the possibility of starting at Pacific Academy, and members of young academies and associations have become ISC Fellows.

The ISC will offer free Affiliated Membership to all eligible organizations of young scientists meeting the criteria of membership categories One and Two. Eligible young academies and scientific associations are currently offered this opportunity to join as Affiliated Members while a new dues structure is being developed for approval at the next General Assembly. The current fees will be waived.

An invitation for eligible Young Academies and Associations to join the International Science Council as Affiliated Members

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