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ISC and the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs awarded joint grant to support the Biological Weapons Convention

The grant will explore "Strengthening the Biological Weapons Convention by facilitating science-policy synergies".

The ISC is proud to announce that it has been awarded, along with the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), a grant from the Geneva Science Policy Interface.

This initiative stems from the new momentum generated to improve the efficacy and relevance of the Biological Weapons Convention in the face of evolving biological threats. The recent BWC Review Conference spotlighted the need for a mechanism to integrate ongoing scientific developments into the Convention’s operations. The dual introduction of scientific review and verification mechanisms is poised to revolutionize the BWC’s structure, enhancing its responsiveness and enforcement capabilities.

“This award allows the ISC to use scientific advice to improve understanding in the delicate area of biological weapons. This will help address knowledge gaps and to increase the effectiveness of the Biological Weapons Convention.”

Salvatore Aricò

Salvatore Aricò


International Science Council

Salvatore Aricò

To support these developments, the BWC implementation support unit and the International Science Council will work together to develop, test and validate a methodology to build mutual understanding and enhance trust among BWC delegates and scientific experts. Through joint problem framing, targeted discussions and tailored knowledge products, the project aims to empower delegates with knowledge and tools to anticipate and preemptively address complex challenges posed by contemporary and future biological threats, thereby enhancing the BWC’s foundational role in global biosecurity.

More soon!

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