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The International Science Council welcomes 15 Young Academies and Associations

In 2022, the ISC launched a membership campaign which offers free Affiliated Membership to all eligible organizations of young scientists. The campaign was a great success, with the ISC welcoming 15 new young organizations this year.

The International Science Council (ISC) recognizes that early-career scientists and young academies are confronted with many challenges when navigating and evolving within complex science systems. These challenges include funding, access to resources and support, as well as the need to build collaborative relationships within the scientific community.

To address these challenges, the ISC has made a commitment to fostering an ecosystem of collaboration, resource sharing, and partnership by engaging with young scientists at national, regional, and global levels. As part of this commitment, the ISC launched a new membership campaign last year, which offered free Affiliated Membership to all eligible young scientist organizations.

We are delighted to announce that the ISC’s membership campaign has been a great success, with 15 Young Academies and Associations applying for Affiliated Membership. These new members represent young academies and associations from all around the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia:

The ISC believes that the addition of these 15 Young Academies and Associations to the ISC will greatly enhance our ability to support early-career scientists, while also facilitating networking and collaboration among young scientists on a global scale.

The ISC Affiliated Membership for Young Academies and Associations will provide the backdrop for global scientific collaboration, promoting diversity and inclusion when it comes to scientific representation from across the world and from all scientific career stages.

“As an academy, we believe in the value of collaboration and combined effort to achieve shared goals. As such, joining the ISC allows us to lend our voice towards a global movement and show within our immediate spaces how science can be a global public good.”, said the Ghana Young Academy.

The International Association of Physics Students also shared: “As a member of the International Science Council, IAPS envisions raising the voice of physics students on the global challenges the ISC is tackling. We look forward to offering motivating ideas and encouraging energy to the ISC’s community. It is an honor to be one of the first young affiliated members of the International Science Council.”

The 15 Young Academies and Associations which joined the ISC will form part of a Sounding Board with the goal of encouraging  participation in the international science community for early-career scientists. Together with ISC Affiliated Member in an advisory role, the Global Young Academy (GYA), the ISC will continuously extend a line of support and partnership with young scientists, that encourages international, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary collaboration and dialogue. The Sounding Board will be offering opportunities for collaboration with ISC Members within an ecosystem of information exchange, regular meetings and joint initiatives.

All organizations of young scientists meeting the eligibility criteria are invited to apply for membership by submitting the following online form.

ISC Members are invited to contact with recommendations of young academies and associations and to foster their connection to the ISC.

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