Free or low-cost access to academic content through Research4Life

Research4Life provides institutions in lower income countries with online access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content.

Research4Life is a multi-partner initiative that aims to reduce the knowledge gap between industrialized countries and lower and middle-income countries in the Global South.  Founded in 2001, Research4Life now offers either completely free, or very low-cost, access to a huge collection of authoritative content from the world’s leading publishers.  In total, the collection numbers some 28,000 peer reviewed journals (both Open Access and subscription), nearly 100,000 books and over 120 reference resources and other tools.   Any non-profit, national institution in one of the 125 eligible countries can register for access. More information on the eligibility criteria can be found here.

On 17 November 2020, the ISC and Research4Life facilitated a virtual meeting for ISC Members, where representatives of Research4Life explained how they operate and how eligible organizations can take advantage of this invaluable resource to level the playing field for researchers, policy-makers, educators and practitioners in their countries.


Access the Research4Life presentation given during the meeting.


Should you have any questions regarding the registration process for the R4L Programme, or any other inquiries regarding this initiative, please contact the R4L Outreach Director and Publisher Coordinator Andrea Powell (

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