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Readers’ choice: our most shared science blogs this year

Catch-up on our must-read blogs released this year on some of the most pressing issues that shaped the science world in 2023.

In 2023, the International Science Council (ISC) partnered with journalists and science leaders to offer its readership in-depth stories about the most significant issues and advancements in science. From protecting scientists and building resilient science systems, to exploring the latest space research agenda, and advocating for open knowledge, throughout the year, these articles have illustrated the very diverse facets of the ISC’s work.

As we approach the close of 2023, we invite you to revisit a selection of our most read and shared articles.

Sudan at risk of losing a generation of scientific talents

The Sudanese National Academy of Sciences has appealed to the solidarity of global science community, as conflicts are threatening an entire generation of scientists and researchers – struggling to keep working on pressing issues, as many fled the violence in safer parts of the country or abroad. 

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Reviving public trust in science: New practices for 21st-century challenges

In an increasingly tense geopolitical landscape, science stands out as a universal language that facilitates coordinated action. However, when trust in science wavers, it weakens the foundation for cohesive global policy. How can the multilateral policy interface engage effectively with science in ways trusted by populations?  

The new space odyssey: Balancing private interests with global science

The democratization and privatization of space are presenting scientists with new opportunities and challenges. As competition intensifies and economic interests grow, a question arises: how can we ensure that space remains a sustainable environment that benefits all humanity? 

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Charting the Future of Science: Reforming scientific publishing for a new era of open knowledge

Geoffrey Boulton, Governing Board member and chair of the Future of Scientific Publishing, presents the new discussion paper, The Case for Reform of Scientific Publishing and invites ISC Members to contribute to the dialogue.

Pairing science and action: Can young scientists reshape science now?

Despite overwhelming challenges like anti-science sentiments and funding issues, young scientists are driving transformative action in science. Established as Young Academies, they foster collaboration, science-policy engagement, and innovative solutions worldwide. 

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