The ISC’s top five most read articles for 2020

Today we look at the top five most read articles from the ISC website in 2020.

5. Well-being versus GDP: the challenge and opportunity of human development in the 21st century

This article was part of the ISC’s Rethinking Human Development

In this commentary, David C. Korten asks – Is humanity’s defining economic goal to grow GDP or to secure the well-being of people and the living Earth?

Korten explores how using GDP as a measurement of success ignored the requirements of Earth’s natural systems to regenerate and restore natural balance. He uses thought-provoking imagery to highlight inequalities in nature and society – such as humans currently consume at a rate 1.7 times what Earth’s regenerative systems can sustain, and that 26 billionaires now hold personal financial assets greater than those of the poorest half of humanity.

4. A Data Ecosystem to Defeat COVID-19

This article featured in the ISC’s COVID-19 Global Science Portal

When it comes to predicting future pandemics, what lessons can data teach us?

Bapon Fakhruddin discusses why the COVID-19 pandemic requires thinking and decision making supported by a data ecosystem which looks much further into the future than previous short-term approaches.

3. In June, the ISC called on our members and international partners to agree on concrete steps aimed at correcting systemic discrimination in science.

This statement led to a new ISC project on Combating systemic racism and other forms of discrimination

Statement on combating systemic racism and other forms of discrimination

A much-needed global dialogue was ignited by global movements surrounding the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis on 25 May 2020. This dialogue must be convened in all societies and in all sectors of society, including science.

2. The sound of scienceMusic as an algorithmic reflection of structure

This article featured in the ISC’s COVID-19 Global Science Portal

Markus J. Buehler converted the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus protein to music

To commemorate 2020 as the International Year of Sound, the ISC shared an article in April on how the proteins from the SARS-CoV-2 virus were converted into a piece of classical music.

1. Towards 2021: A year for transformation – five years on from the Paris Agreement

This article is part of the ISC’s new series, Towards 2021: A year for transformation, five years on from the Paris Agreement

Taking stock of progress on global change: What to expect from the UNEP Global Assessments Synthesis Report

Ahead of a crucial year for action towards climate and biodiversity commitments, the ISC talked to Bob Watson who leads the Scientific Advisory Group for UNEP’s Global Assessments Synthesis Report. It will take stock of recent assessments to ask what progress has been made, what still needs to change and what opportunities for action are available.

Image: chintermeyer on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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