The portal provides an overview of response to the COVID-19 pandemic by the ISC community.

Please note that this portal is now archived. The ISC has a new project, COVID-19 Outcome Scenarios, and we invite you to explore the project here.

The portal shares scientific commentary and analysis and provides access to information on various initiatives, highlighting the scale and scope of response and encouraging ISC members and partners to collaborate and share best practices during this global emergency.

Please note that the World Health Organization is providing rolling updates on the pandemic Click here.

You will find in this portal:

  1. Information on responses by scientific communities in different fields and different countries/regions of the world. Click on Institutional Responses for the full list.
  2. Access to rapidly emerging scientific debate on the pandemic. Click on Scientific Debates to engage in the discussion.

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Latest additions

Current COVID-19 campaigns

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Things you might have missed

ISC President, Daya Reddy and ISC Patron, Mary Robinson, have a joint op-ed published in Project Syndicate.

INGSA has launched a Policy-Making Tracker and calls for global volunteers to assist in tracking how government policy is formed in response to COVID-19.

CODATAWorld Data System, the Research Data Alliance and Global Open FAIR  have joined forces to optimize the research data ecosystem, launching a COVID-19 appeal as their first joint action.



Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, opinions and external content in the texts expressed on the ISC’s COVID-19 portal and are not necessarily those of the ISC. 


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