Highlighting the scale and scope of response, and encouraging ISC members and partners to collaborate and share best practices during the pandemic, the portal contains information on responses by scientific communities in different fields and different countries/regions of the world. It also provides access to rapidly emerging scientific debate on the situation.

“This portal highlights how quickly the international scientific community has sprung into action, offering multi-disciplinary reflection that must contribute solutions to policy-makers in this time of crisis. It also shows the scope of knowledge being shared by the community, which includes think-pieces from social scientists on the broad impacts of the pandemic”

Heide Hackmann, CEO. 

The International Science Council hopes to populate the portal with compelling essays and discussion that will drive international action in the months to come. 

“This is no longer business as usual, and when we return from the lockdowns, we will be entering a new normal”, Hackmann said. “We want the scientific community and poilcy-makers to be prepared, to make sure we still have our eye on the 2030 Agenda, and to think of how mission-oriented science can build pathways to solutions for the complex systemic challenges facing humanity”. 

Contributions so far have included think-pieces from the International Network for Government Science Advice on the importance of evidence-informed policy decisions; the Global Research Programme on Inequality and their concern on the uneven impacts COVID-19 will have on the poor; and Future Earth on the opportunities the pandemic presents for sustainable transitions and the 2030 Agenda. 

The ISC welcomes contributions from the international science community. Please use this form to make your submission.


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