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International Science Council deplores the exclusion of women from university education in Afghanistan and urges the Afghan authorities to reverse their decision

The International Science Council is the global organization bringing together scientific academies, disciplinary bodies in the natural and social sciences and other scientific organizations. It is deeply committed to equality of opportunity in access to education and participation in the scientific endeavour. This commitment to equity eschews difference on the basis of sex or gender.


Safeguarding science in the wake of conflict

Responsibility, international solidarity, openness, inclusion, mobility, flexibility and predictability should be central to improving mid- and long-term support for science systems affected by conflict, according to a newly released International Science Council report on the Ukraine crisis, which makes recommendations for the international community.


How to teach energy transition and climate in business schools

Achieving the aims of the Paris Agreement and stablizing warming under 1.5˚C will require deep emissions cuts in the private sector. In this long-read blog, Aurélien Acquier and Pierre Peyretou explain why deep disciplinary renewal within management education is required to strengthen understanding of sustainability principles in the corporate world. They show that the topic of energy transition can lay the ground for a truly transversal and systemic understanding of climate issues and planetary boundaries, and help understand how such planetary boundaries are connected with business activities.


Business park solar panels
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