Climate Research in the Next Decade of Earth System Research

<p>Professor Deliang Chen—ICSU Executive Director—gave a keynote opening speech at the <a href="">World Climate Research Programme</a> (WCRP) Open Science Conference, and was featured in a conference interview.</p>


Planning moves ahead on ESSI

<p>The Earth System Sustainability Initiative (ESSI) will provide a new overarching framework for global environmental change research – and be expected to unify or strategically integrate relevant components of the existing ICSU-sponsored Global Environmental Change Programmes.</p>


Call for Applications: Urban Dynamics and Health Conference

<p>As part of our new interdisciplinary initiative “Health and wellbeing in the changing urban environment”, we are co-organising a series of international conferences on urban dynamics and health. Applications for the first conference, to be held in Paris in September 2013, are now open and will close on January 31st.</p>


Call for Applications: Food Futures Young Scientists Networking Conference

<p>The <a href="">ISSC</a>, ICSU and the <a href="">DFG </a>are organising a networking conference in April 2013 in Villa Vigoni at Lake Como in Italy. Young scientists working on integrated science on food systems are invited to submit their proposals. The deadline for applications has been extended to December 31st.</p>


Future Earth regional workshops

<p><a href="">Future Earth</a> seeks to provide knowledge at multiple scales – global, regional and local – and to address the connections among these scales. The <a href="">Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability</a> which is establishing Future Earth is keen to seek inputs which can drive regional partnerships and engage a broad range of stakeholders. ICSU will organize an initial series of three regional workshops in Cape Town (31 October-2 November 2012), Kuala Lumpur (21-23 November 2012) and Mexico City (3-4 December 2012). Options to organize meetings in the Middle East and Europe are still in planning.</p>


Future Earth design enters final phase

<p><a href="">Future Earth</a> has entered the final months of the initial design phase, and the pace of work is picking up as we approach the end of the year. Work on institutional design has been proceeding apace, and the final report on major aspects of overall governance will be completed at the upcoming Transition Team meeting in Paris Sept 20-21.</p>


ICSU President gives statement at Rio+20

<p>Professor Yuan Tseh Lee represented the Scientific and Technological Major Group at the opening of <a href="">Rio+20</a>, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development with the following statement.</p>


Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development prior to Rio+20

<p>The Forum brings together leading international scientists, policy-makers and other stakeholders to explore the key role of interdisciplinary science and innovation in the transition to sustainable development, a green economy and poverty eradication. The aim is to help establish the research, technology and policy agendas that will be needed after <a href="">Rio+20</a>.</p>


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