Get Involved

Suggest a speaker for Global Science TV

ISC Members are encouraged to get involved by suggesting a speaker for the upcoming episodes and/or sharing science-related photos to be featured on the Global Science TV social media accounts.

Global Science TV will operate on two levels:

  • Firstly, it will be free content involving scientific experts and accessible personalities, that can be distributed globally on social channels (including AI translations) to a wide audience.
  • ISC members are encouraged to use the global content as conversation starters, to then bring in their own local experts for live question and answer sessions for a local, national or regional perspective. The Royal Irish Academy’s Q&A with Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland and ISC Patron on the climate emergency which they held at the end of April 2020 is a great example of live Q&A using streaming technology for an online audience.

The ISC is hoping that through this project, ISC members will be inspired to use Global Science TV as a springboard for local conversations as part of the Public Value of Science project from the ISC’s Action Plan. With the ongoing COVID-19 global emergency, there has never been a more important time for collaboration between scientists, the general public and policy makers that enhances the public value of science.


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