Statement from the International Union of Biological Sciences on COVID-19

COVID-19: Time to reiterate our commitment to internationalization of science

IUBS expresses its solidarity with all those medical specialists and scientists from around the world working round the clock to prevent the spread of COVID-19, to treat individuals who have been infected and to develop new drugs and vaccines and more importantly those who are providing essential services such as delivery of food, medicine, security etc. IUBS expresses condolences to those who have succumbed to the viral infection. 

In these difficult times, it is important that we all do our bit towards ameliorating the situation. Precaution without panic is the key, along with ensuring that only factually and scientifically correct information is circulated within our communities and society at large. 

Authentic and latest information by World Health Organization (WHO) about the COVID-19 pandemic is available here

In this time of global crisis, IUBS reiterates its commitment to facilitate collaborations between biologists from across the world, free access to scientific information and democratisation of knowledge.

This crisis is also a reminder that we all take up, on war-footing, issues of climate change and put in place actions to achieve sustainable developmental goals. The loss of life and impact on economy just due to one pandemic is a warning of what future generations may face, if we do not act now.

IUBS is proud to have seeded initiatives such as Biological Consequences of Global Change (BCGC), integrated Climate Change Biology (iCCB), Open Biodiversity and Heath Big Data (BHBD) etc, which have generated vital data, and have built international teams of experts to comprehensively study impact of global change. IUBS would continue to support such initiatives and facilitate advancing the primary results to the next stage, which would be useful to predict and prevent pandemic such as COVID-19 in future.


> Biological Consequences of Global Change (BCGC)
> integrated Climate Change Biology (iCCB)
> BHBD Initiative

Image by chuttersnap on Unsplash


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