Senegal, Association des Chercheurs Sénégalais

The Association of Senegalese Researchers (ASR) is a member since 1993.

The Association of Senegalese Researchers (ASR) was constituted in 1982 in Dakar, where it has its headquarters. This non-governmental association has no political affiliation and is non-profit-making. Today, it has more than four hundred members from various backgrounds. ASR promotes the professional interests of its members and has the following scientific objectives: the elaboration of research programmes and multidisciplinary research in compliance with national priorities; the setting up of scientific and cultural animation throughout Senegal by various activities such as conferences, roundtables, seminars, etc.; the participation in national and international scientific and cultural activities; and, scientific and cultural cooperation with public and private institutions.

The structure of the Association includes the Congress, the Executive Committee, the National Board, Scientific Committees, Field Sections and Networks of research themes (health, environment, population; training research, scientific cooperation; state-management, democratization, integration; agricultural and rural development; industrial and technological development).