Turkey, Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK)

The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey has been a member since 1968.

The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey was established in 1963. The Council is directly attached to the Prime Minister and has financial and administrative autonomy.

The mission of the Council is to develop and carry out, promote and sponsor, organize and coordinate basic and applied research in natural sciences in Turkey and to set up institutes to work in this field. It also has the mission to assist the Government in formulating national science and technology policy and in the preparation of international agreements in areas of scientific and technical cooperation and to formulate basic policy and procedures for education in related fields and give advice to the institutions concerned.

The Council has one Research Centre with five affiliated Research Institutes and six other Research Institutes which carry out in-house research. The Academic Network & Information Centre, the Astronomical Observatory, the Metrology Institute and the two Test & Analysis Laboratories provide services to the universities, industry and public institutions to assist with their R&D activities. Eight Research Grant Committees in the areas of Agriculture, forestry and food technologies; Basic sciences; Construction and environmental technologies; Earth, marine & atmospheric sciences; Electrical, electronics and informatics; Health sciences; Mechanical and chemical technologies, materials and manufacturing systems; Veterinary sciences and animal husbandry are in charge of funding and monitoring academic research. The Industrial R&D Funding Directorate runs a programme which organizes and regulates the state funding to encourage RTD activities in industry.