ISC Membership Applications

The ISC is seeking support from its Members for the membership applications presented below.

The ISC Governing Board has recently received applications for ISC membership from the organizations listed below. In accordance with ISC Rule of Procedure 8.5., before making a decision on the approval of ISC membership applicants and their admission to the ISC membership, the Governing Board ascertains if there is adequate support from ISC Members.

We invite all ISC (full) Members of category 1 and 2 to submit statements of support for the applicants listed below to become a Member of the International Science Council via the online form located at the bottom of this page by 15 April.

For admission as full Member (Member of Category 2)

For admission as Affiliated Member

Online form to submit statements of support

Please submit your statements of support by completing the online form below by 15 April.

Should you have any questions, please contact Anne Thieme.

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