Call to all ISC Members for national assessments on the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and potential future scenarios

Contribute to the ISC COVID-19 Scenarios Project by sharing relevant resources

Through the COVID-19 Scenarios Project, the International Science Council (ISC) aims to outline mid- to long-term scenarios to assist in our understanding of the options for achieving an optimistic and fair end to the pandemic.

We are currently conducting a literature review to support the scenario narratives and we want to ensure that we are not missing out on any related resources. We are particularly interested in the following types of resources:

  • National assessments of the long-term and broader impacts of the pandemic
  • Reports forecasting potential future scenarios in your country that outline how the pandemic might evolve and the impact of these scenarios
  • Reports on future pandemic preparedness, which would outline key policies to manage future outbreaks and their broader implications on health, governance, the economy, society, and the environment

Several ISC Members have already published related studies and policy recommendations, such as the British Academy’s report ‘’The COVID Decade: understanding the long-term societal impacts of Covid-19’’ and the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters’ statement ‘’Bending but not breaking: From the Coronavirus pandemic to strengthening Finland’s crisis resilience’’.

If you are aware of similar resources in your country, region or discipline, and particularly if your organization has prepared related documents, we would be very grateful if you could share these at your earliest convenience.


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