Arab initiative in containing regional marine environmental risks

Call for papers

Arab initiative in containing regional marine environmental risks

The Union of Arab Academics suggests to hold an online conference under the title “Arab Initiative in Containing Regional marine environmental risks (the Safer oil reservoir in Yemen): Reality, threats and solutions” to address the risk of an environmental disaster due to the oil leakage from the FSO Safer.


  1. Awareness of the importance of preserving the local, regional and international marine environment, including the Safer oil reservoir on Yemen.
  2. Taking the initiative in the importance of the international companies ’contribution to preserving the marine environment due to the damage and dangers caused by shipping vessels to the marine environment.
  3. Raising awareness of the importance of the contribution and financial support by international oil-carrying companies to the Water, Water and Renewable Energy Center of the Union of Arab Academics, and it is one of the means of searching for resources to protect the environment and a kind of contribution to protecting the global environment.

Research Themes

  1. The role of international and  Arab scientific research centers in managing risks and pandemics including the environmental risks of marine pollutants.
  2. The Arab marines environment and shipping lines.
  3. The marine environment of the Red Sea and solutions to the problem of the Safer oil reservoir in Yemen.
  4. The importance of raising awareness about clean energy, gas and solar energy.
  5. Development of the modern technology of Unmanned systems, including the marine robots and the civilian submarines underwater vehicle in monitoring and protecting the marine environment in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Gulf.
  6. Finding solutions to assist the UN team in dealing with the Safer oil reservoir in the Hodeida governorate.


If you would like to participate, please send a summary of 500 words (in Arabic or English) to by 1 February, 2021 .

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