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24th ISC ROLAC Regional Office Meeting

The 2nd ISC ROLAC Regional Committee took place this November 15th and 16th in San Salvador, El Salvador. There were many discussions that took place on subjects like the SWOT analysis, Funding Agencies, and others things,

This past November 15th-16th, the ISC ROLAC office hosted its 24th meeting of the Regional Committee in San Salvador, El Salvador.  The meeting was attended by the following members: Dr. Juan Jaén, Dr. Liliam Álvarez, M.Sc. Ana Rada, Dr. Paloma González; Dr. Kit Fai Pun and Dr. Ernesto Marinero. The entire ISC ROLAC Secretariat also attended this meeting. During the first day, Dr. Manuel Limonta presented to the attendees the activities done in the priority areas, and also outreach activities in the April 2018- October 2018 period. During the presentation, the members of the regional committee could direct the questions to the presenter and further analyze the details when necessary. Then, the attendees could briefly discuss about a series of documents prepared by the ROLAC Secretariat, which were requested by the ISC headquarters. Such documents were a SWOT analysis, a mapping of Science and Technology Organizations of the Region; and a Mapping of Regional and Global Funders.Then, the minutes and the decision list of the previous meeting (RCLAC23) were approved, and a draft of the business plan for 2019 was presented and discussed. Later in the afternoon, the regional committee acknowledged the work done by outgoing members of the regional committee, Juan Jaén and Lilliam Álvarez; and thanked them for their contribution to the committee in the last six years. Soon after this, by proposal of Lilliam Álvarez, and with all the votes of the attending members, M.Sc. Ana Rada was elected the new Chairwoman of the committee.

The second day of the meeting began with the presentation of the work done in the communications area of the office, and also about the financial area of the office. After this, agreements of the meeting were read, and further suggestions were given to be incorporated into the minutes of the meeting. Finally, the outgoing president, Juan Jaén and Manuel Limonta concluded the meeting by thanking all the attendees.

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