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2nd Workshop on Writing Journal Articles and Giving Oral Presentations

For the second year in a row, Dr. Barbara Gastel visited El Salvador for a three-day workshop called “Writing Articles in English for Indexed Journals and Giving Presentations: Skills for Success”, this past August 8th-August 10th at our ISC ROLAC offices

The Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Science Council (ISC ROLAC) and N-CONACYT from El Salvador organized a three-day workshop entitled: “Writing Articles in English for Indexed Journals and Giving Presentations: Skills for Success” which aimed to provide researchers in El Salvador with the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate the communication of their research internationally.

The workshop was directed by Dr. Barbara Gastel, a specialist in writing and editing. She is a professor of integrated biosciences, humanities, medicine and biotechnology at the University of Texas A&M. The activity was widely accepted and included the participation of around 40 people, including researchers, university professors, representatives of government institutions and representatives of public and private universities.

This three-day workshop had a combination of lectures, discussions and exercises. In this sense, the participants could listen to the updated theory about the writing of scientific articles and also apply that theory into practice when carrying out discussions, individual exercises, pair work and group discussions. Participants were able to cover topics such as: approaching a writing project; authenticity and precision; ethics; the structure of a scientific document; publication of a scientific document; references; writing concisely; preparation of oral presentations; and much more

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