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3rd Biennial Conference on International Science Advice to Government

MA Oscar Reyes, ISC ROLAC’s Science Officer, attended this conference, which took place in Tokyo, Japan, this past November 6th and 7th, 2018

This past November 6th and 7th, INGSA hosted its 3rd biennial conference on International Science Advice to Governments, which took place in Tokyo, Japan. The Conference was attended by  policy professionals, leading practitioners, scholars, and industry representatives interested in the intersection and crossroads of science and policy. It explored the principles, practices, and dynamics of working at the science-policy interface, and the overarching theme of the conference was “Science Advise for Changing World”.

It also sought to enable critical reflection and interdisciplinary dialogue on the practice and place, and to support the operationalization of the SDGs by better understanding the role of science advice and evidence-informed policy in promoting them, among other things. While the conference took place in the aforementioned dates, there were some satellite events prior and subsequent to the conference. For example, on November 5th, INGSA headquarter representatives, INGSA regional chapters (ROA, ROAP and ROLAC), along with representatives from North America and Europe could discuss about past, present and future challenges and opportunities for INGSA.  In this meeting, Dr. Carlos Abeledo, INGSA LAC chair, Dr. André Carvalho, member of the INGSA LAC chapter; and MA. Oscar Reyes, INGSA LAC Regional Program Officer, presented about the work done in the Latin America and Caribbean region, its plan of current activities, and possible future engagements. Then, on the 8th of November, other activities took place such as a Science in the Global South – LMIC Breakfast – Hosted by IDRC; INGSA Research Associate Workshop; Cities and Urban Science Advice Workshop; and a Parliamentary Advice Workshop.

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