5th African Future Earth Committee Meeting (AFEC)

The fifth meeting of the African Future Earth Committee (AFEC) took place on 16 and 17 July 2019 and was attended by the newly composed committee as well as representative of the Global Future Earth Secretariat, Future Earth Regional Office for Southern Africa (FEROSA), the National Research Foundation of South Africa (host of FEROSA) and the Government of South Africa through the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI).

The meeting provided a platform for interaction between AFEC members, the Future Earth Global Secretariat and the Future Earth Southern Africa Office as well as the stakeholders that support Future earth activities in Africa. The meeting brainstormed on and formulated an African Future Earth strategy, and prepare a concrete action plan with short-, medium- and long-term deliverables on activities in various domains including capacity building, research, practice, infrastructure, among other issues.

The meeting also identified tasks that are of high priority for the Future Earth community on the continent and explored avenues on how best AFEC can work together with Future Earth Global Secretariat and the Future Earth Regional Office as well as other stakeholders on the continent to mobilise resources for Future Earth activities in Africa.

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