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The TWAS Young Affiliates Network held its first conference on 22-24 August 2017. The event gathered around 80 young emerging scientists from more than 30 countries.

Rio Othon Palace Hotel, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was the chosen venue were TWAS Young Affiliates Network Conference held its first conference on 22-24 August 2017. The conference gathered around 80 Young Scientists from five TWAS regional offices.

The event featured high-level speakers incluiding Yin Li, TYAN Chair; Vivaldo Moura, TWAS-ROLAC; Luis Davidovich, BAS President; Manuel Limonta, ICSU ROLAC Director; and Max Paoli TWAS-Italy Office. The keynote lecture of the conference was “Molecular Portrait of the Human Genome”, and it was given by Sergio DJ Pena, Professor at the  Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.

The main objective of this event was to create links among early career scientists and promoting international collaboration, objective that was pursued by carrying out conferences, oral sessions, workshops, poster sessions, discussions and others. In the first day of the conference, attendees were able to discuss about “The role of Science for Sustainable Development” and also participate in a workshop entitled “The role of young scientists in achieving the UN Sustainability Development Goals”.

In the morning of the second day of the conference, participants went over topics such as DNA Typing For Genetic Diseases Investigation And Human Identification; Cancer Bioenergetics: Novel Insights Into Targets And Drugs; Understanding How Genes, Environment, And Their Interactions Influence Aging And Longevity; and many more. Then, in the afternoon session, MA Oscar Reyes, member of the ICSU ROLAC Secretariat presented on the topic “Strengthening International Science for the Benefit of Society”. During his presentation, MA Reyes briefly presented about ICSU, its mission as well as ICSU ROLAC and its priority areas for the region. Day two successfully ended with a workshop entitled “Opportunities for Cooperation”

On the third, and final day of the conference, attended continued a very productive agenda, having a total of 28 oral sessions, including participation of five Latin-American presenters: Christian A.M. Wilson; Franco Martin Carbrerizo participants; Ronald Vargas; Pablo Bolaños-Villegas; John Fredy Barrera; and Luis Zapata. Finally, in the afternoon of the last day, participants discussed on “The importance of Science Communication & Diplomacy in the developing world” in which Dr. Maria Augusta Arruda presented on “Science For Diplomacy, Diplomacy For Science”, And Dr. Luiz Davidovich Presented On “Science, Policy And Governance: Inventing The Future”

Closing remarks of the event were given by Dr. Sok Ching who presented a summary of the conference, and Patricia Zancan (TWAS) who thanked all attendees for their participation in the event. Finally, Dr. Ying LI thanked all participants and encouraged them to continue their great efforts for the advancement of science.

In conclusion, the first TWAS Young Affiliates Network Conference enabled its participants to strengthen science collaboration not only in the LAC region, but across regions. Also, attendees were able to share successful experiences as well as common areas of field research for future joint efforts. TWAS TYAN anticipates great outcomes from the new networks created and more events such as this conference.

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