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Available now: Extended versions of the Science Fiction podcast episodes

The Centre for Science Futures is excited to announce the release of the extended versions of the podcast episodes on Science Fiction and the Future of Science. Originally launched as a six-part series on the Working Scientist podcast by the journal Nature, this collection features engaging conversations with top science fiction authors from around the world:

In these extended versions, listeners can delve deeper into the topics: Kim Stanley Robinson discusses the role of violence, Vandana Singh explores the masculinist–feminist divide in science, and Fernanda Trías shares insights on eco-feminism. These unique perspectives shed light on the future of science and the challenges that lie ahead. 

This podcast series is hosted by Paul Shrivastava, Professor of Management and Organizations at Pennsylvania State University, who specializes in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and is a science-fiction enthusiast. We also extend gratitude to the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination from the University of California, San Diego, for their collaboration on this project. 


Listen to the extended episodes below and explore the fascinating intersection between science and speculative fiction. 

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