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Call for expressions of interest: Modeling urban health and wellbeing – communicating results for policy and action

Expressions of interest are thought for this workshop that aims at bridging this information gap by enabling communication and dialogue between modelers and policy/decision makers in the field of urban health. The workshop will take place on 28-29 April 2016 in Xiamen, China.

The workshop is organized by the ICSU-UNU-IAMP Programme on “Urban Health and Wellbeing: A Systems Approach” and co-sponsored by ICSU (International Council of Science), WHO (World Health Organization), UNU (United Nations University) and IAMP (InterAcademy Medical Panel).

Participants will engage in a discussion to answer the following (and other) questions:

  • Which policy implications can be drawn from modeling urban health and wellbeing?
  • Which actors can collaborate in order to improve urban health and wellbeing?
  • Which urban (private and public) goods and services can be co-produced for improving health and wellbeing?
  • How can urban surveillance and control systems become more effective by making use of urban health modeling outcomes?
  • How can science and technology help building collective intelligence for urban health and wellbeing?

This is a call for expressions of interest to present and participate in the science-policy workshop. Presentations should be related to urban health and wellbeing. Presenters should be interested to communicate their knowledge to decision makers and engage in discussions.

The number of presenters and participants is limited. Presenters’ travel and accommodation costs will be fully covered by the programme. There are limited funds for covering travel and accommodation costs for non-presenting participants. Workshop meals and fees for all are covered by the programme.

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