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Using foresight for impact: Call for case studies  

The call is closed.

The UN Futures Lab/Global Hub and the International Science Council (ISC) are collaborating on an exciting joint policy paper to better understand the concrete and transformational role of foresight in informing decision-making and action. We are seeking your contributions in the form of case studies that demonstrate the successful application of foresight methodologies to address real-world challenges and achieve impactful results, with a particular focus on countries in the Global South.  

We’re interested in learning from approaches developed and used in the Global South that demonstrate the use of futures thinking and foresight in decision-making, planning, and action.

We are interested in case studies that:

  • Clearly outline the foresight methodology used (e.g., scenario planning, horizon scanning, etc.) 
  • Describe the challenge or opportunity the foresight exercise addressed
  • Highlight the key findings and insights generated through the foresight process
  • Demonstrate the concrete actions taken based on the foresight insights and the resulting impact (e.g., policy changes, improved decision-making, innovation, etc.), and the evidence of the tangible results achieved
  • Quantify the impact if possible (e.g., cost savings, improved efficiency, increased stakeholder engagement, replicability)

Selection process and next steps

The survey data will be hosted by the ISC and shared with the UN Futures Lab/Global Hub and designated project managers. 

Your insights will be instrumental in informing this initiative and demonstrating the utility of foresight in shaping decision-making, planning, and action in a diversity of contexts. The selected case studies will be included in the joint policy paper that is expected to be published in June 2024 and contributors will be acknowledged. 

Case studies will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity and comprehensiveness of the information provided
  • Demonstrable impact of the foresight process
  • Relevance to the UN Futures Lab/Global Hub and ISC’s areas of interest
  • Originality and diversity of approaches and contexts
  • Universal applicability or scalability
  • Reflective of different levels of decision-making including government-led, community-led or academic-led
  • Must be from the Global South

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If you have any questions, please contact Alana Poole ( and Anne-Sophie Stevance (

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