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Capacity Building Workshop/INGSA LAC Steering Committee

This past September 3rd and 4th, the ISC ROLAC Secretariat, represented by its Director, Dr. Manuel Limonta, attended a workshop on scientific advice to governments.

The workshop on scientific advice to governments was held on September 3rd and 4th at the departmental school in the Catholic University in Lima, Perú. This event was attended by Carlos Abeledo, who is the chairman of the steering committee of INGSA in the Latin America and the Caribbean region; Dr. Manuel Limonta, regional director for ISC ROLAC; as well as a local organizing committee; and other guests who reached a figure of around 25 people in total.

The workshop was structured to address the following questions:

  • What are the engineering and social science barriers acceptance of large-scale sustainable energy deployment under different circumstances?
  • How can an affected area optimize resources across a system instead of optimizing each sector independently?
  • What additional research is needed to better understand the potential and limitations of deployment?

The agenda of the workshop consisted of some presentations related to the subject of scientific advice to governments. Exercises were carried out with discussion groups based on case studies sent by IINGSA headquarters. There were several topics discussed in the meeting, such as “A Frame for Recovery, Renewal, and Rebuilding”, by Gary Machlis (Clemson University); “The Role of Sustainable Energy Sources win Post-Disaster Response and Renewal”, by Marilu Hasting (Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation); “Workforce Implications in Transitioning to Clean Energy”, by Jessica Eckdish (BlueGreen Alliance); and “Optimizing Cross-Sector Sustainable Energy Deployment”, by Patrick Doherty( Long Haul Capital Group) This workshop served to deepen the knowledge of discussion techniques and positioning of scientific advisors to different governments.

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