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Committee for Science Planning mobilized around science as a global public good

The Committee for Science Planning (CSP), which met this week, emphasized the need for the ISC to broker scientific knowledge for the benefit of society.

The inaugural in-person meeting of the Committee took place this week at the ISC headquarters in Paris, France. The Committee found common ground around the need to strengthen the voice for science, especially in the face of pressing global challenges and muscular popular debates about the value of scientific evidence in many regions of the world.

A key focus of discussions was taking forward the projects outlined in the ISC’s recently published Action Plan, framed by four key themes: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, The Digital Revolution, Science in Policy and Public Discourse, and the Evolution of Science and Science Systems.

Commenting on the meeting, Chair of the Committee and President-Elect of the ISC, Peter Gluckman, said:

“The level of enthusiam from the Committee about the ISC’s direction of travel was clear to see. Our task will now be to ensure that implementation of the Council’s strategy continues that momentum, and transmits the excitement, energy and wisdom of the Committee to the wider world. This will depend on the ISC’s convening power, and effective outreach to scientists and thought-leaders worldwide.”

The Committee for Science Planning was appointed in 2019 on the basis of nominations from ISC members. The Committee is responsible for undertaking scientific strategic planning and reviews, and addressing major thematic issues concerned with science-for-policy and policy-for-science.

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