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ISC’s Unlocking Science series wins Digital Communications Award

The multimedia series Unlocking Science, produced in partnership with BBC StoryWorks, ISC Members and other partners, is voted the best in the ‘Video Series’ category at the prestigious Digital Communications Awards (DCA).

The Unlocking Science multimedia hub, which uncovers innovative global stories behind the science of sustainability, was lauded by the DCA jury for its compelling and innovative storytelling. 

These stories feature communities engaging with science and technical innovation to deliver transformation. The series covers researchers out in the world working on practical solutions or shaping our understanding of the problem. One of the most popular films recounts one woman’s quest to save Malawi’s crops and rethink the future of farming. In another film, a team of researchers weed out discrimination for an inclusive AI world. The stories represent a wide array of science disciplines and take audiences from the outback of Australia to the forests of the Amazon.

“Unlocking science is tough… but they did a great job unveiling hidden, complex aspects of science,”

Duccio Manetti, Chief Communications & Government Affairs Officer at Kedrion Biopharma and a member of the jury for this year’s edition of the Awards

Since its launch on 9 November 2021, Unlocking Science has been an instant hit with the public. It gained over 83 million impressions across audiences and more than 35 million impressions and 1.8 million engagements on social media. It was screened at a pop-up cinema at the EuroScience Open Forum in the Netherlands and at the World Science Forum in South Africa, providing spaces for communities to engage with science.  

The ISC shared the virtual stage with other finalists, including Al Jazeera, WWF, Microsoft, European Investment Bank, Samsung and Audi. See the full list of the 2023 DCA winners

About the Digital Communications Awards: 

The DCA rewards outstanding online projects across the globe. The DCA jury is comprised of experienced digital leaders from different sectors including business, academia, non-profit and finance. 

About the project 

‘Unlocking Science’ is part of a programme at the International Science Council (ISC) which seeks to improve how science is communicated to audiences internationally. The programme, ‘Public Value of Science’, draws on the latest research about public perceptions of science and develops partnerships to showcase good communication around science. 

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