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Experts and researchers participate in the workshop “Polymeric Materials and Their Applications”

Cuban experts and Salvadoran researchers meet on the first Polymeric Materials and its Applications Workshop in El Salvador. The activity took place at ICSU ROLAC facilities from 24-28 June 2017.

The Regional Office of the International Council for Science for Latin America and the Caribbean hosted the course entitled “Polymeric Materials and Applications”, from July 24 to 28, 2017. This activity was carried out in a joint effort with the Agro-industrial Technology Park.

This five-day course was given by Dr. Dionisio Zaldívar Silva and Dr. Rubén A. Álvarez Brito, both experts of the highest level of the University of Havana, Cuba. Around 15 chemical researchers from the Sectorial System of Salvadoran Agro-industrial Innovation could participate in the activity, among which we can mention the following institutions: the National Center for Scientific Research of El Salvador (CICES), the University of El Salvador (UES) The National Center of Agricultural and Forestry Technology “Enrique Álvarez Córdova” (CENTA), the National School of Agriculture “Roberto Quiñónez” (ENA) and the Technological Park in Agro-industry (PTA).

The modality of the activity included presentations by the experts, as well as question and answer spaces, between the participants and the speakers. Some of the topics seen in the course were: the introduction of polymer materials and biomaterials (hydrogels), nano-medicine, the development of biodegradable polymers and advanced controlled drug release systems, the role of universities in the transformation of The Science in Productive Forces, the Convergence and natural evolution of the scientific work in the present.

Finally, the experts invited to this activity had the opportunity to carry out a technical visit to the Research and Development Units (R & D) of the CENTA-ENA-PTA Complex. ICSU ROLAC continues to provide the necessary support for the benefit of society through scientific advances in the region.

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