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Final four Rio+20 policy briefs released

The final four Rio+20 policy briefs have been released by the Global Environmental Change (GEC) Research Community covering the following topics: energy security, health, well-being and green economy.

The four briefs are:

  • Energy security
  • Health
  • Well-being
  • Green economy

They join the existing 5 policy briefs:

  • Water security
  • Food security
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Transforming governance and institutions
  • Interconnected risks and challenges

The policy briefs were developed by IGBP, IHDP, DIVERSITAS, WCRP, ESSP and ICSU, as part of the scientific preparations for the international conference, Planet Under Pressure: new knowledge towards solutions.

The briefs specifically target policy-makers in the Rio+20 process, aiming to give them access to the latest scientific thinking on sustainable development issues.

Each brief tackles an issue of importance to the Rio+20 conference, with a focus on the ‘Green Economy’ and the ‘Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development’.

ICSU is using the nine policy briefs to communicate key messages to governments and other key actors in the Rio+20 preparatory process.

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