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First External Review Open for IPBES Assessment of Invasive Alien Species

The external review will be open for registration until 18 October 2020.

This assessment will assess the current status and trends of invasive alien species, their impacts, their drivers, their management, and options for policy to deal with the challenges they pose. It will take into account various knowledge and value systems including local and indigenous knowledge. The assessment will be solution-oriented and will provide policymakers with flexible and pragmatic response options, including strategies for prevention and adaptive management of invasive alien species.

One of the most important phases in the IPBES assessment process is the external review by interested and qualified experts, including scientists, decision makers, practitioners and other knowledge holders. The widest-possible participation and most diverse engagement of experts in this first external review is vital to ensure the scientific quality and policy relevance of this assessment.

If you would like to participate as an expert reviewer in this external review, please follow these steps:

1) Register as user of the IPBES website if you have not already done so

2) Apply to become an expert reviewer for individual chapters of the invasive alien species assessment online (this will only work when logged in first as IPBES website user)

3) Once registered, you will immediately receive an email providing confidential access to the draft chapters and will be asked to submit your comments in English using a template that is available on the same webpage.

Find out more on the IPBES website.

Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

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