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Free to Think 2022

This World Science Day for Peace and Development, discover and share Scholars at Risk's annual Free to Think report, which exposes attacks on academic freedom around the world.

The ISC is honored to share the latest Free to Think 2022 report from partner and recipient of the ISC’s 2021 Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award, Scholars at Risk.

Free to Think is an annual report by Scholars at Risk’s Academic Freedom Monitoring Project. The reports aim to raise awareness of attacks on the higher education community, and to urge diverse state and non-state stakeholders to join Scholars at Risk in protecting and promoting academic freedom.

This year’s report covers 391 attacks around the world, with discussion of concerning developments and trends in 24 countries and territories. The report emphasizes the devastating impact of attacks against higher education communities and calls on readers to take a range of actions that can help protect scholars and students and safeguard academic freedom.

The report was launched on 10 November at a panel event held during the First Conference on Academic Freedom in the Americas. The session featured experts discussing trends in attacks on higher education communities worldwide and responses to these attacks, and a video will be made available.

Free to think cover

Free to Think 2022

Find out more and download the full report on the Scholars at Risk website.

Find out more about the ISC’s commitment to uphold the principle of freedom and responsibility in science through the work of its Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science (CFRS).

Image by Alireza Attari on Unsplash.

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