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Future Earth regional workshops

Future Earth seeks to provide knowledge at multiple scales – global, regional and local – and to address the connections among these scales. The Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability which is establishing Future Earth is keen to seek inputs which can drive regional partnerships and engage a broad range of stakeholders. ICSU will organize an initial series of three regional workshops in Cape Town (31 October-2 November 2012), Kuala Lumpur (21-23 November 2012) and Mexico City (3-4 December 2012). Options to organize meetings in the Middle East and Europe are still in planning.

The main objective of the workshops, funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), is to engage regional stakeholders in the design of the initiative. Discussion will focus on issues such as how to link research priorities with regional development challenges, how to implement Future Earth in the regions, and the global research framework.

Each workshop will bring together around fifty regional scientists, development actors, funders and educators working on global and regional environmental change across disciplines. Key questions will include:

  • What are the main development challenges of the region which could benefit from integrated and solutions-oriented research?
  • How can Future Earth help you deliver on your priorities and needs?
  • What are the options to implement Future Earth and strengthen integrated and solutions-oriented Earth system research in the region?

The recommendations from these workshops will inform the strategic priorities of the Transition Team and the to-be-appointed Scientific Committee of Future Earth, to ensure that the regional perspective is firmly embedded in the overall strategy of Future Earth.

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